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Twitter Blue Price and Requirements

Twitter Blue Price and Requirements tick documentation
Twitter Blue Price and Requirements tick documentation

Twitter Blue Price and requirements The new paid method What are the requirements and what is the price you will pay per month to benefit from blue verification. Blue ticks are a way to make your account official on the Twitter platform, but be careful if you are reported or Twitter notices that your account is fake, blue ticks for Twitter Blue subscribers may be removed at any time and for any reason. Including when you violate certain types of the Twitter Rules, including but not limited to spam, block evasion, and impersonation.

At the present time, it is only for iPhone (iOS) owners at the present time, and it will be distributed to all operating systems in the future.

Twitter Blue Price and Requirements verification tag

The Twitter blue sign, or Twitter Blue, is the sign of verifying your account and obtaining your verification mark in your account. However, the way authentication works has changed since November 9 of this year.

Sue’s requirements do not require that you be able to subscribe in the country in which you reside, own a phone with a supported system for the service, and comply with conditions not to be defrauded with a fake account.

Only available for some countriesAccess: With Intent to Grow, Twitter Blue account verification subscription is only accessible on iOS in the following countries:

  • United State
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United kingdom.

At this time, owners of Twitter accounts created on or after November 9, 2022 will not be able to sign up for Twitter Blue verification.

Advantages of subscribing to Twitter Blue documentation:

A blue tick is added to your account as a result of a monthly Twitter Blue subscription, which also gives you early access to some new services, such as Tweet editing. And other premium features by subscribing to Twitter Blue.

Twitter account verification price

Buying Twitter Verification You may be wondering how much Twitter account verification costs? The price is set at a monthly subscription of $7.99.

How to subscribe If you are in the available countries that we talked about, and you have the iOS system, go to the profile (the private profile menu) > select the (Twitter Blue) option > you will find the subscription button showing the price.