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Twitter Premium Blue Label Verification – Price and Requirements

Twitter Blue Price and Requirements tick documentation
Twitter Premium Blue Label Verification – Price and Requirements

Twitter Premium Price and Requirements – The New Paid Way What are the requirements and what is the price you will pay monthly to avail Blue Authentication. The blue tick is a way to make your account verified and official.

Anyone who can pay $11 to $14 per month can get it with a premium subscription or $22 to $26 with more features.

The Twitter blue tick, or Twitter Blue, or Twitter Blue in SAP, started with this name, but now it is known as Premium. It is the sign of verifying your account and obtaining your verification mark in your account.

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Su requirements do not require that the subscription be available to you in almost all parts of the world in which you reside. Own a phone with a supported system for the service and adhere to conditions not to defraud with a fake account. In addition, a copy of your personal ID or passport and a personal photo of yourself, all of this via phone.

Advantages of subscribing to Tawtheeq X

A blue tick is added to your account as a result of the Twitter Blue monthly subscription, which also gives you early access to some new services, such as tweet editing and also more characters to type. And other premium features by subscribing

Twitter account verification price

For blue mark individuals there are 3 basic accounts and this cannot obtain the blue mark. There are Premium+ and Premium accounts, and when you subscribe to one of them, you will get certification and a mark. It ranges between 6 – 11 – 22 dollars. Prices may increase depending on your region, country and currency. In America, the prices will be as follows: 3 – 8 – 16 dollars.

For companies, it ranges at a relatively high price of $1000 per month and you will get higher features. You get a gold certification mark, accelerated support, and a Premium+ subscription. You can get an advertising credit worth $1,000.