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Twitter Ads X problems and ways to solve them

Twitter Ads X problems and ways to solve them

One of the problems with Twitter ads (Ads Manager Twitter) is the inability to advertise even though you have not activated it and verified your account. The issue can only be solved through a monthly subscription, and you can subscribe for a month and cancel the Premium subscription. Your advertisement will continue until the end of the subscription and the advertising campaign will stop. Why subscribe to advertise? X says that identity verification is required and this comes through subscription.

Eligible accounts: In order to be able to advertise on Twitter in advance or X and run advertising campaigns, you must subscribe to Premium. You cannot advertise on any website except in one case, which is spending more than $100 to obtain a free subscription. Unfortunately this is not explained how to do this.

In short, in order for your ads to receive impressions and achieve results, you must obtain the blue mark. Either the Premium+ or Premium subscriptions only, or the basic subscription, you will not be able to achieve an appearance.

How long does an account review usually take? It usually takes 3 to 6 days, and it may increase or decrease depending on their work pressure. After the blue mark appears, you can run the ad and achieve results.

How do you know if the ad is working or not:

Review Under review
Running means it is working and may require review
Halted is stopped and is rejected for some reason
Paused is temporarily stopped
Exhausted The specified balance has been depleted
Expired Expired by the specified date

How much time does it take to review the ad? It takes approximately 3 hours to 3 days to be ready for display.