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Kidnapping a famous YouTuber

The day before, YouTuber Addison Pierre Malouf tweeted, “I was kidnapped just because of the color of my skin. I was kidnapped for being ‘Blank’. I can’t give more details until I get home.”

“When you are kidnapped in the middle of the Haitian desert, 60 minutes from any civilization, in a concrete shack surrounded by barbed wire, you pray to God,” he added. Hours ago, he tweeted on the X platform, saying, “I have been released.”

YouTuber Addison Pierre Maalouf owns a YouTube channel with more than 1.43 million subscribers. He has recently been working on uploading content about gangs. He was making a video in the city of Haiti in the Caribbean country where he was kidnapped.

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According to the Haiti24 website, the kidnappers work for “Lanmò 100 jou” and demanded a hefty ransom of $600,000. $40,000 was paid, and the kidnappers demanded a larger sum in exchange for the YouTuber’s release.

The YouTube user commented on his latest video saying: “To stop the misinformation he was not kidnapped by Barbecue, he was kidnapped by Lanmò San Jou. One of Barbecue’s rivals from the enemy gang 400 Mawozo. For those of you who don’t know who he is, do you remember “Hearing a story a while ago about 17 American missionaries being kidnapped in Haiti? Yes, that was Lanmò San Jou. A completely different person, a completely different faction.”