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Download the Club House app for iPhone, and does it exist in Android?

Download the Club House app for iPhone, and does it exist in Android?

Clubhouse for Android is currently a pre-registration on phones running the Android system only. It was created for the iOS system for iPhone and iPad. Currently, you will find the application on Google Play, pre-register and get it if it is published.

What is Club House?

It is an application that creates private chat rooms and has features such as TalkBack radio, conferencing via audio invitations and a house parties; it is a social application on the basis of voice chat only.

Users can listen to conversations, interviews and discussions between interesting people on different topics.

It looks like a podcast but with an extra layer of personality.

Club House can only be used by a call from one of the top users, it may have a high level person in receiving country or in the world, a poet, a famous persob or an artist etc … The application may allow the registration for all in near and allows you to use it like any application that allows audio chat.

Once you join, you can specify the topics you interested, such as technology, books, business or health, whenever the application is given more information about your interests, the more you will recommend to follow or join more chat rooms and individuals.

The conversation room is just like a phone conference, but with some people on the call they speak, most of them listen only, just like a phone call, once the conversation is finished, the room is closed, unlike Twitch where direct videos remain on the platform.

How can I get an invitation into the Club ?

To join the app, the current Club House user must send an invitation from the application he’s/she’s using, allowing you to access “an account registration” setting if you are invited, then you will see a correspondent link sent to your phone number, directing you to a registration page in the application. Club users can only send an invitation to anyone who wants to join, yet existing users have only two invitations are initially available.

You can sign up for an account that invites people to your audio lectures, but it requires waiting and approval from the app and it may take a long time.

In a newly blog publication, the content producers announced that their goal for 2021 is to complete the applicable beta stage, so they can eventually open the Clubhouse on the whole world. “

How is Elon Musk related to Clubhouse ?

Club House has been located since March 2020, when he was launched by entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth, in May 2020, and it has only 1,500 users, and worth 100 million dollars.

But this week Clubhouse exploded in a number of downloads arrived to 2 million from all over the world when Elon Musk hosted an audio chatting on Clubhouse with the CEO of Robenud “Tenev”.

The maximum event for the application chat room was broadcasted directly to YouTube. This has helped push the application to the top graphs for emerging companies and the effects of the stamps for invitations as of February 1, 2021, Clubhouse now has two million users.

Club House announced the next new features, such as Tips, tickets or subscriptions, to directly pay the creators on the application after they collected new funding since its launch, Clubhouse is now estimated $ 1 billion, and it’s The Unicorn gunior Company is assembled to AirBnb, Uber and SpaceX.

The Requirements to run on iPhone

  1. The application requires iPhone or iPad issuing 13.0 or higher system

  2. The application size is 65.4 mega bits

  3. English Language only

  4. Free

Download link for iPhone.
Download link for Android.
You can also visit the clubhouse app official website.