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Download Sausage Man for Android iPhone

Download Sausage Man for Android iPhone

Download Sausage Man is a new battle royale in the third person and different from the usual in terms of character design and beautiful cartoon graphics.

You can play it online as a team of four – two – alone.

You jump from a vehicle from the sky and here you search for the moon to achieve the best game performance, reach the end, survive the zoon and fight the enemies.

When you eliminate an enemy he will turn into a crying baby you can campaign, without showing anything he owned.

So you have to check it out after turning into straw man you can get the equipment in the bag.

Sausage Man offers a large number of features, including trails.

Coins are inserted into the machines while playing and may turn into giants.

There are certainly customizable control buttons as in PUBG and Free Fire.

Map on the side and at the bottom are weapons and equipment.

Use different weapons with the equipment crisis It has a drink – a sedative – a cure to restore life, a hook that works to bar enemies or to move.

Sausage Man only leaves English and Chinese, unfortunately there is no Arabic, it may be added in the future.

Download Sausage Man :

The game is available in several markets for applications and games.

and if you do not find it supported in Google Play, you want to beautify it from another market.

Download Sausage Man Google Play.

From Tap Tap Market.

Apple Store iPhone iPad.

The size of the game for Android is approximately 1 GB, the game has been downloaded more than 5 million, and the number can be increased.

The game is fun and new and suitable for the age of 7 and above in Google Play and 12 Apple Store.

Sausage Man problems you may encounter while logging in:

In the event that you encounter a problem logging in, all you have to do to solve this is just make your device in English and the game works and the login succeeds.