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what is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of a tangible or intangible product to ordinary users, companies or entities. You get a percentage of the sales profits or a percentage of the promotion according to what the owner of the advertised product offers.

There are options for affiliate marketing, you get a profit on every sale that comes through it, or you get a profit only. You may publish this product on one of your pages and it will be according to the agreement. Such as celebrities on social media platforms or websites, or marketing to obtain subscriptions for a specific service.

Promotion and marketing can also be done via the Internet, which is popular nowadays. By obtaining an account to settle with commission on one of the sites that sell products. For example, Amazon, Ali Express, eBay, and other sites or companies.

Affiliate marketing options:

  • Sell a product
  • Get buyers
  • Get subscriptions
  • Get visits to the advertiser’s page

How it works:

You will receive a tracking link from one of the companies you registered with, and it will be dedicated to you only. Through it, you can promote it on advertising platforms or create a landing page for a visitor. You can know the statistics of the link that works to market it.

When you promote the product on advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter previously (X), the user will see it on the platform on which you advertised. Here he can click on the ad either to buy, and here you will profit from commission marketing according to the agreed upon percentage, or you will not profit anything if the person does not buy.

What are the difficulties of affiliate marketing:

Strong competition for marketing products, especially those that require promotion with a lot of money. It will have demand at the time it publishes the product or it will have a competitor for a similar product. Therefore, it may be easy, it may be difficult, and it may require a lot or little money, depending on the type of targeted country. As well as focusing on technical development, the culture of purchasing from the Internet, and the level of per capita income in the targeted country or region.