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Upcoming NVIDIA graphics accelerators

Upcoming NVIDIA graphics accelerators

Nvidia’s next-generation architecture: In February 2024, Nvidia unveiled its next-generation GPU architecture called “Blackwell.”

B100 naming system: Nvidia uses a numbering system for its data center GPUs, where higher numbers indicate more powerful models. The B100 fits into this scheme for a potentially high-end display.

Tensor Core GPUs for AI: Nvidia’s Tensor Core line focuses on AI workloads, using specialized cores to accelerate performance in tasks like machine learning and deep learning.

While Nvidia has not officially announced the B100 yet, several sources are discussing it based on leaks and industry expectations:

Performance: The B100 is expected to be a powerful AI accelerator, perhaps reaching 20 petaflops of FP4 sparse computational performance.

Power Consumption: Data indicates that the B100 may have a TDP (thermal design power) of around 1000W. This indicates great processing power but also high power consumption.

Release date: The exact release date is still unknown, but speculation points to the latter half of 2024, possibly after the H200 series.

Overall, the Nvidia B100 Tensor Core GPU is a strong possibility for what the “B100 AI” refers to. It signifies Nvidia’s future high-performance offering specifically designed to handle demanding AI workloads. Stay tuned for official announcements from Nvidia in the coming months for confirmation and detailed specifications.