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Best quran app for android ios

Best quran app for android ios
Best quran app for android ios

The best application of the Holy Quran belongs to me. I discovered this application of the Holy Quran through one of the creators that contains Tik Tok. After downloading and trying it, he found many advantages.

Recitations of quality, educational or recitation of a number of old and new sheikhs, voices loved by all generations. There is also a voice recitation and interpretation of the verse in Arabic and English. This is something that I find very beautiful and wonderful, and it deserves thanks for those who have done this much work in one Islamic Quranic application.

Surah Al-Quran application has been created, under the supervision of the Tafsir Center for Quranic Studies team, that helps in understanding the meanings of the Noble Qur’an through a set of reliable and audited scientific content services in explaining the strange, interpretation, reasons for revelation and virtues. Suras and verses with an indication of the number of verses in each surah, translation in multiple languages, and more.

It provides you with an amazing experience by providing high-quality services at all levels (word, verse, page, surah), some of which are provided for the first time at the level of Quranic applications.

Features of the application of the Holy quran app Surah:

  • There are no ads.
  • The application provides more than one feature, which is marking the page you want to return to at a later time.
  • Download a verse or an entire surah or from number to number with the voice of any sheikh you want supported by the application.
  • You can start listening with any audio from any surah and any page.
  • There are many Quranic plans with reminders and follow-up of their achievements.
  • Browse, navigate, and access services with ease.
  • The ability to use the (Self-Memorizing Test) service for the self-memorization test.
  • Multiple reading control options and audio Quran for popular reciters.
  • In writing and audio, you can search by words with different entries.
  • Ability to separate words with commas and take notes.
  • The ability to distribute verses as an image, exact text, or unformatted text.

Download Surah application

  1. Iphone
  2. Android
  3. Huawei

You can go to their official website and take advantage of using it on the computer, as it provides features such as the application and is better to manage and easier than the application from my point of view.