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best free note taking app for ipad

best free note taking app for ipad

Are you looking for the best free note taking app for ipad, you should look for CollaNote. It is a powerful note taker, and supports PDF as well as digital layout alone.

Powerful note-taking via CollaNote Various tools with a total of more than 20 pens and brushes that outperform many note applications.

An example: You can improve writing and raise the level of blogging with the modern ink engine that gives you accuracy and stability on the iPad. It also contains a dark mode to take advantage of the battery and work in light that is not harmful to the eyes.

Record your voice to type hands-free. Save your notes with a special password only you know.

In addition, it is possible to work collectively at the same time without delay in the work completed. More than 10 wonderful paper shapes and attractive designs can be customized.

You can add images, links and stickers that give you a dynamic virtual interaction. Using artificial intelligence to clearly detect shapes and draw on them.

It saves notes from being lost. If you lose your iPad, you can retrieve files through synchronization, logging in to your previous account, and retrieving them.

The CollaNote application collaborated with a student at the University of Hamburg, who helped develop this application for those who need to take notes in more than just notes. You can download the best free note taking app for ipad and enjoy all its unique details and features.

Overall, CollaNote is a great note-taking app for iPad. It offers a comprehensive set of features and functions, and is easy to use and customize.