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Do is tiktok getting banned

Do is tiktok getting banned
Do is tiktok getting banned

Do is tiktok getting banned? Due to data security issues with the Chinese-owned company, a commissioner with the U.S. communications regulator is requesting that Apple and Google take the possibility of removing TikTok from their app stores into consideration.

The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Brendan Carr has written a letter to the CEOs of both businesses warning them that the hugely popular video-sharing app does not adhere to their app store regulations.

“TikTok is not what it first looks to be. It is more than just a meme or humorous video sharing tool. That is sheep in wolf’s garb “According to Carr’s letter. “At its core, TikTok works as an advanced surveillance tool that gathers copious amounts of sensitive and personal data”.

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Due to its enormous data collection and Beijing’s ostensibly unrestricted access to that sensitive material, TikTok clearly poses an unacceptable national security risk.

In the letter, Carr enumerates numerous instances in which the business has broken different privacy and data security laws all across the world. He is requesting that the app’s is tiktok getting removed from Google and Apple’s smartphones.

By July 8, if they don’t comply, he wants a response from them outlining “the basis for your company’s conclusion that the covert access of private and sensitive U.S. user data by persons located in Beijing, combined with TikTok’s pattern of misleading representations and conduct, does not run afoul of any of your app store policies”.

fcc commissioner remove tiktok:

The letter was written in response to last week’s Buzzfeed revelation, which claimed that mainland Chinese organizations had frequently accessed data on American users. Later, TikTok stated that it intended to “completely pivot to Oracle cloud servers situated in the U.S. and remove U.S. users’ sensitive data from our own data centres.”

China possesses unrestricted access to data

The decision to locate the servers in the United States may seem like a simple solution, but it doesn’t address the problem’s core, according to John Zabiuk, chair of the cybersecurity program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

“Who still has access to that information is the issue. Still, TikTok exists “In an interview with CBC, he stated that it is likely the Chinese government also has access to the data if the corporation has access to it.

The corporation has faced criticism in the U.S. for its ties to the Chinese government on more than one occasion. Donald Trump, a former president of the United States, has criticized the business and even attempted to forbid it by executive order.