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Kunlun glass from Huawei, get to know it

Kunlun glass from Huawei, get to know it
Kunlun glass from Huawei, get to know it

HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro Kunlun Glass Edition is equipped with HUAWEI’s self-developed Kunlun glass to protect the screen strongly because it is frequently the main source of damage to mobile phones. And Kunlun glass is made by Huawei and it is new in the market.

According to laboratory test data, Kunlun glass is made of nano-scale crystals with higher strength, which greatly improves the drop resistance and drop resistance. However, as a precision electronic product, the mobile phone still has the risk of being damaged if dropped. Please pay attention to avoid falling and collision.

Kunlun glass is made of ceramics. After 24 hours of high-temperature nanocrystal growth, 108 microcrystalline raw material and panel processing steps, and 1600 degrees of platinum precious metal melting technology, Kunlun glass is made. This technology produces hundreds of millions of nanocrystals and greatly improves the toughness of glass.

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Kunlun Glass offers ten times more drop resistance than regular glass, which significantly strengthens screen protection. The first smartphone in the world to receive the Swiss SGS five-star anti-fall and anti-fall authority certification is Kunlun Glass, which offers improved fall resistance and pressure resistance.

In testing a YouTuber on YouTube ، The 65-gram steel ball was dropped to the center of Kunlun glass at a height of up to 1.2 meters, and the pressure of 32 kg of heavy objects did not even cause any damage, demonstrating the resilience and pressure resistance of Kunlun glass.