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The truth about Starlink in Yemen

The truth about Starlink in Yemen
The truth about Starlink in Yemen

The truth about Starlink in Yemen is that it is already available in some areas of the country, but not on a widespread basis. SpaceX, which owns Starlink, has announced the launch of Starlink in Yemen in 2023, and has begun providing service in some areas, such as the temporary capital of Aden and the city of Mukalla.

Users in Yemen can subscribe to the Starlink service through the SpaceX website or the SpaceX app. The monthly subscription costs $110, plus a startup fee of $499.

Starlink provides high-speed broadband Internet service, download speed up to 135 Mbps and upload speed up to 20 Mbps. The service is also unlimited and does not impose restrictions on the amount of data that can be used.

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Starlink can be a good alternative to traditional internet services in Yemen, which are often unavailable or of poor quality. However, the service is still in the development stage, and may encounter some problems in areas experiencing turbulence or weather disturbances.

Here is some detailed information about Starlink in Yemen:

Available areas: Aden, Mukalla, Sanaa, and some other areas.

Subscription cost: $110 per month plus $499 initial hardware startup fee.

Internet speed: up to 135 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload.

Package: Unlimited internet until the subscription ends.

Starlink coverage in Yemen is expected to expand in the coming years, providing access to high-speed internet to more people in the country.

Problems obtaining the service:

Coverage may be of varying speeds, not the maximum speed. The anesthesia response speed does not drop more than 70.

The devices may find it difficult to enter the country.

The high expensive price of the initial operating devices and the monthly subscription price. It may be suitable for companies and banks.