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Download face animation app for Android or iPhone free

Download face animation app for Android or iPhone for free

Download face animation app Program to move pictures and make them speak for mobile Make your personal photos make sounds and move.

With this program, you can move photos of deceased people or newly captured photos of any person, move facial features such as swivel left or right, and speak easily depending on the voice that it provides Like what you see on social media platforms Tik Tok.

The application can make the image like a video move and speak, but for the face only, such as moving the mouth with the format of the audio clip that is merged with the image and is available free of charge within the application after choosing it, it performs the merging process.

Interacting with the audio clip very much as if it is real makes moving and twisting the neck to the north and west close to the 3D reality.

Watch the video, so the picture will be animated and more:

It was a while ago that the face on the image could not be moved on the Android system, it was only available for the iPhone, but now, after a long time, wombo has been developed to work on both systems with all professionalism and perfection.

It is a Canadian application released in February 2021 that uses a presented selfie to create a fake image of a person that has been synced to one of the different audio clips in the past, and this moves comes from a person whose moves were previously selected for each audio clip.

Wombo Explanation:

  • After downloading the Wombo app for Android or iOS iPhone, after downloading, press “GET STARTED”.
  • Take a picture or choose a picture from the phone.
  • Then “Start Lip syncing” reminds the app needs to be connected to the internet when it is processing the image.
  • Then you choose the audio clip and press the rectangular button that provides the audio clip, you press the W button.
Explanation of how to move the face in the image through the program Wombo
Explanation of how to move the face in the image through the program Wombo