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Solve problem of Blocked by Play Protect in Samsung Galaxy Store

Solve problem of Blocked by Play Protect in Samsung Galaxy Store
Solve problem of Blocked by Play Protect in Samsung Galaxy Store

Blocked by Play Protect Problem Solving A notification contains the message when you install an app or game in your device that says:

Play Protect doesn’t recognise this app’s developer Apps from unknown developers can sometimes be unsafe.

First of all, let’s talk to the normal user and you encountered this problem. Know that the application was not presented to Google Play for several reasons, namely:

  • The lack of money from the app or game developer to publish what was made, the Google Play developer account is $ 25.
  • The application has not yet been submitted to Google Play, even if the developer has an account.
  • In rare cases the application contains a serious violation and here you have to be careful but the examination of the application that you do upon installation does a scan and shows that there is a problem or is safe.

We say to the average user, there is no concern. This is only a security alert from Google. Not to register the application in the platform. Google Play. You will press install anyway. In rare cases, do not install from unknown and unreliable sites.

Second, developers how to solve this problem Blocked by Play Protect:

Every designer and developer of applications and games targets the Android operating system by creating a Google Play Console in the Google Play Store, then after extracting the application in the apk format, he uploads the application to the Google Play Console even if it is rejected.

In order to hide or delete this notice “Play service has blocked installation protection” you must first upload the application in Google Play and then submit it to the stores even if it is in the state of review, such as the Samsung Galaxy Store and others.

Even if the application or game is rejected, the notice will go away upon installation after uploading and launching the application, but when you update the application to a different version such as the version presented in Google Play is 1.0.0 and you create a new update version with version 1.1.1 You must also put it in Google Play before sending it to Samsung Store or others or it will appear to you when it is installed in your device and will not be accepted by Samsung.