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How to solve a problem app not installed

app not installed
app not installed

You may encounter a problem when you install a new app or update on your phone from a platform other than Google Play. You will find notifications saying the app is not installed, and this is largely due to several problems that you will learn about here.

There are many reasons, and the first is to delete the temporary memory of an app, which is to go to the old application and long press on it, until options appear, including “Application Information”. At the bottom you will find three dots, click on them and choose to delete the temporary memory.

The second solution is that the app differs with the certificate of the previous version installed in the mobile phone. In order to solve this problem, you must uninstall the similar application and then install the new version.

Third solution: Security Make sure that the security settings on your phone do not prevent the installation of apps from unknown sources.

The fourth method is space. You may need to delete files to free up the phone’s memory to solve the problem.

Fifthly, if it does not work for you, try this. Put the phone in safe mode and reset it. If it works, know that there is an app that conflicts with this.

Sixth, you can restart the phone, as this may solve the problem. This option activates and deletes the temporary memory.

Seventh, updating the system may solve the problem and may support the new application version.

Eighth, try downloading from a different site. The first site may have a problem with the app package.

If one of them does not work, know that the app is not compatible and you will not be able to broadcast the package, as it is not supported with the Android version or phone system.