Safe Mode on Android How to turn off phone tablet

Safe Mode on Android How to turn off
Safe Mode on Android How to turn off

Safe Mode on Android How to turn off, you may find the phone has entered safe mode, i.e. safe mode, and you want to return the phone to its normal state. What are the reasons and benefit from it and how do you end this situation, which may be annoying to some because of the transparent black logo.

What is Safe Mode Safe Mode is designed to help you find problems with your device’s gadgets and apps, but this safe mode disables parts of your phone. Pressing or pressing certain buttons during startup will bring into use mode to solve the problem.


Usually you don’t know how this happened and you didn’t do it on purpose, meaning the phone may be in the pants pocket. The problem happened with another phone, with keys or any other materials, or the sitting position may be the cause. Children may also activate safe mode without knowing it.

Safe Mode on Android How to turn off:

To remove safe mode from phone – tablet Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Honor, HTC or other Android devices. There are ways to remove safe mode from Android devices according to the type of manufacturer. and all you have to do is follow the explanation with pictures in order to complete the process and restore the normal status of your device

In most Android devices, the way to off safe mode is different for each device but restarting may work for most devices.

  1. You will find a logo in the taskbar at the top telling you do you want to safe mode here, click on finish and done.
  1. The device is working: Press Restart, then press and hold the Volume Down button until the device is turned off and the last company logo or the phone’s home page appears. You may be asked to choose Do you want to exit safe mode, press Yes. This method also works to remove safe mode on Samsung.
Exit Safe Mode on Android
second Exit Safe Mode on Android
  1. Phone Status Off: Press the power button and the volume down button together and wait for the last company logo to appear.
Exit Safe Mode on Android 3
  1. Since I am a Xiaomi Pocophone F1 user, I wanted to share this method to uninstall Safe Mode. If a normal restart does not work, try this method. The device is turned on, press the power button continuously and do not release your finger. Press the restart two seconds and release your finger from the power button and the used mode will be returned.
Exit Safe Mode on Android 4
  1. For phones that have a home button, the home button turns off the device and then turns it on while holding the home button.
Fifth method