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fallout 76 failed to download config from title storage

fallout 76 failed to download config from title storage
fallout 76 failed to download config from title storage

Resolving an issue: Fallout 76 failed to download configuration from address storage To resolve it follow the steps in order to resolve and download.

The first step:

  1. restart the game Press the [PS] button on your controller to move to the dashboard.
  2. Highlight Fallout 76 and press [Options].
  3. Check Close Application and press [X].
  4. Select Yes and press [X].
  5. To restart, mark Fallout 76 and press [X].
  6. If that doesn’t work, move on to step two.

The second step:

  1. Power cycle control unit
  2. To run the PlayStation 4 course:
  3. Press and hold the [PS] button on the controller.
  4. Turning Off PS4 With PS4 Off And Not “Enter Rest Mode”.
  5. Make sure the light is coming out of the console, then unplug its power cable and wait 10 seconds.
  6. Install the power cable again and turn on the console again by pressing the [PS] button.
  7. If this doesn’t fix the problem, go to step three.

The third step: Clear save data
This will not affect personal data or game development however, this will delete your photos in the gallery. Make sure to back these to the PlayStation cloud before proceeding.

To delete saved data on PlayStation 4:

  1. From the PlayStation dynamic menu, go to Settings.
  2. Go to a data saver application.
  3. Click on the data saved in the storage system
  4. Choose “delete”
  5. Determine Fallout 76.
  6. Place hashtags next to Fallout 76 SaveData.
  7. Select [Delete] then select [OK] to confirm your decision.
  8. If it does not solve the problem, go to step 4.

You can read more details about deleting saved data on the PlayStation website here.

Fourth step: uninstall and reinstall the game

To uninstall the game on PS4, follow the steps.
Once done, you can reinstall the game from your library.

If the problem persists, please contact Bethesda Customer Support by logging in here and then clicking Submit a Ticket at the bottom of the page.