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Finally the second part of the game Rage 2

Rage 2
Rage 2

It is the sequel to the first part Reus released in 2013. In Reus 2, players will once again assume the role of a god, and this time their task is to create and shape a new world. Players will be able to choose from a variety of different elements to create their world, and will need to use their powers to protect their world from threats such as natural disasters and hostile creatures. Reus 2 is currently in development and has no release date yet.

Reus 2 is a god game that puts players in control of giant beings who can shape the planet for humans to live on. The game is set in a cosmos of the player’s creation, and players can experiment with different civilizations to see how they will react to the world they are given.

As players continue to play, they will find new and creative ways to populate their planets with people, plants, animals, and even giants. Players can create their own unique worlds with endless possibilities.

With a wide variety of people, plants, animals, and giants to choose from, players can let their imaginations run wild. Over time, players will discover new ways to bring life to their planets, creating truly unique and unforgettable worlds.

What’s new in Reus 2:

  • Shape the planet for humans to live on: Players can use their giants to create mountains, rivers, forests, and other natural features that will shape the world for humans to live in.
  • Experiment with different civilizations: Players can create different civilizations with different cultures and technologies. They can also watch how these civilizations interact with each other and with the environment.
  • Discover strategic synergies: Players can find strategic synergies between different elements of the environment. For example, they can plant trees near rivers to provide water for the trees and for humans to drink.
  • Find combinations of giants that yield surprising results: Players can find combinations of giants that have unexpected effects. For example, one giant might be able to create mountains while another might be able to control the weather.
  • Discover more and more ways to bring life to your planets: Over time, players will discover more and more ways to bring life to their planets. They can create new plants and animals, and they can even create new civilizations.
  • Reus 2 is a unique and challenging god game that offers players a lot of freedom to create their own world. The game is expected to be released on PC in 2023.


  • Create and shape your own world
  • Choose from a variety of different elements
  • Protect your world from threats
  • Play cooperatively with friends