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Problems with Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

Problems with Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

After the game was released less than one week ago, Code Warzone Mobile received the highest rating among similar games. It received a rating of 2.9 in the Google Play applications, especially since their size is 2 and then 5 GB, which is 7 GB. This is due to several problems that will be mentioned, which are problems that it is necessary for the company to work to solve. In order for it to be like a computer, it will not be 100 percent as excellent as it is on a PC. But stability is what is most important at this time.

Several problems, and most of the problems are only on the Android system, but on iOS it works perfectly and has great graphics.

The first and most important of which is that Call of Duty Warzone does not run on the mobile phone after installing it. This made her fans feel bad, and she might also turn on and then quit automatically.

Secondly, and more importantly for pure drawings, you will find drawings that include a variety of subjects, such as people, buildings, and trees. There are some that mockingly resemble the graphics to Minecraft.

Thirdly, the phone version does not support a phone that works well and has good graphics. But with another phone you don’t find this. It may work with the same version of the phone and the same version of the same phone for another user.

Instability: When playing Call of Duty (Warzone), you will find many frames stuttering and dropping. This definitely makes you lose in the fight.

In the end, Activision will work to improve the game significantly, even if it had time in the past. It has a lot of software codes, features and characteristics. It needs to be tested on live users all over the world.