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best character dead island 2

best character dead island 2

Determining the best character in game Dead Island 2 is up to you, how you play the game, how you fight, and use the skills you master in the characters. Below I will tell you what skills and features are important in the following:

With the highest damage rate, Bruno is the character who has the best ability to do the most damage out of all the characters. This makes him the best at dealing powerful blows to zombie enemies and finishing them off quickly. He also has the “Backstab” skill, which increases the average hit when attacking zombies from behind.

If you want a balance between defense and attack, Jacob Fu is suitable for this option. He has the skill “Critical Gain” that strengthens damage and restores strength when striking the enemy, when Jacob’s energy is low.

For an explosive attack on you, Danny is a character who performs the skill “Thunderstruck”, which enables him to have a powerful explosion with every powerful attack. This makes them skilled at crowd control and damage in the affected area.

In the end, in order to get the best, it depends on the actual experience of each player to achieve what he needs and what he will master appropriately in playing and achieve victory with the least losses.