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vampire the masquerade blood hunt

vampire the masquerade blood hunt
vampire the masquerade blood hunt

Developer Sharkmob is working on a new vampire game: Vampire: the Masquerade universe, but it is a far cry from the usual dialogue-rich RPGs in the series، On the contrary, it is an action-packed battle royale game featuring swords, shotguns and sniper rifles.

At the Summer Games Festival on Thursday, Sharkmob showed the game in more detail. This game was originally released in the fall of 2020, but was eventually named: Bloodhunt.

We saw several alpha images in the Cityscape engine, including graveyards and nightclubs. The trailer also shows vampires from different clans, such as Brujah and Nosferatu vampires on the street.

Players can choose their team, which determines their style of play، In this way, vampires can feed on them for a little excitement.

There are many ways to fight this battle royale، Some characters rely on guns and explosives, while others use their weapons. He possesses magical supernatural powers, such as flashing in space or lifting a dazzling light shield.

The dark world will soon have its own battle royale as a vampire: Masquerade-Bloody Hunt will land on PC in 2021. The game was announced at the end of 2020, and many fans were shocked by the concept of a vampire: Vampire: The Masquerade battle Royal.

In Bloodhunt, individual players or teams compete with each other to fight to maintain the final state. Not only can they use guns and melee weapons, but they can also use vampire training to deal with enemies, which gives them special combat abilities. Vampires can also climb walls and walk through buildings, adding a new verticality to the game.