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Applications and programs

What is the app that copies apps?

What is the app that copies apps
What is the app that copies apps?

How do you create a second copy of apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Imo and Facebook, as well as any apps that can be copied to a second copy. This can be done through two methods: the first is without the need for a program, or the second is through the use of a special apps.

Without software: Intel to Settings > Apps > Dual Apps. Here you will find an option that allows you to move it to obtain a clone in a few seconds.

If this feature does not work, download the app cloner for Android, as it is one of the best and suitable for Huawei as well. Through it, you can create a second version of an application and complete the work in the second version without problems.

Why do we need an app burner: Mostly it is for business to separate work from personal account and stay away from disturbance. Or the user needs to activate another account and not lose the old account.