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Story of Game Mars First Logistics

Story of Game Mars First Logistics
Story of Game Mars First Logistics

Story: The game takes place in a new space colony on Mars. You play as an astronaut responsible for building and deploying mechanical robots to transport alien cargo across rugged terrain. Your goal is to help the colony build and grow its infrastructure.

General information about Mars First Logistics:

  • Genre: Open world physics simulation
  • Developer: PolyAmorous Games
  • Release date: June 22, 2023
  • Platforms: PC (Steam)
  • Status: Early Access
  • Play: Solo or online co-op

Your role in the game:

Build Robots: Use a variety of parts to create custom robots that suit your needs.

Cargo Transport: Transport alien cargo safely across challenging Martian terrain.

Earn Money: Earn money by completing tasks and providing services to the colony.

UNLOCK NEW PARTS: Use the money you earn to unlock new parts for your robots.

CO-OP WITH OTHERS: Play with up to 3 other players in online co-op mode.

Game features:

Realistic physics simulation: Robots interact with the Martian environment realistically.

Open World: Explore the surface of Mars freely.

Open Creativity: Build robots in any way you see fit.

Solo or Co-op: Play alone or with friends.

Game disadvantages:

Graphics are simple: Graphics may not be attractive to everyone.

Difficult to Play: Robots can be difficult to control at times.

In Early Access: The game may contain some bugs.

Game rating:

Mars First Logistics received generally positive reviews from critics and players. Many praised the realistic physics simulation and creative playability. However, some people pointed out that the graphics are simple and the gameplay is difficult.

Mars First Logistics is a fun and smart simulation game for fans of physics games and robot building games. The game provides a unique experience with the potential for creative and cooperative play.

Is Mars First Logistics game available for mobile?

Unfortunately, the Mars First Logistics game is not available for mobile. It is only exclusive to the computer, and you can purchase and download it from the Steam website.