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free multiplayer games for pc

Top free multiplayer games for PC
Top free multiplayer games for PC

Top Multiplayer games for PC

Many of you may not have considered free games simply because they’re less refined in terms of graphics and depth of gameplay, but they can still be fun. The fact that they’re free makes them some of the most played games out there. Here are some of the best:

Fortnite Battle Royale

This exciting game from Epic Games is huge. It was designed as an add-on, but grew popular in its own right. All players have to do is be the last one standing in a free-for-all fight. There are constantly new battles and modes added to it too. Better still, it’s perfect for playing with friends across a range of platforms, including PC, iOS and PS4.

Dota 2

This free game is an exciting battle arena game, perfect for beginners and tournament players. It has a quick tutorial on playing as well as a thriving Steam community with a ton of guides. It’s not got an easy learning curve though, but the complex game mechanics are part of the big draw.

Planetside 2

This was the first epic first-person battle game out there. It’s incredible and totally free to play. Of course, there are in-game purchases you can make, but you don’t have to do that — the starting equipment is enough to join this battlefield. Joining in a massive assault on your enemies is still a thrill.

Path of Exile

This free game is a dungeon crawler that doesn’t rush things. The game is a standard multiplayer game, but it contains a number of hidden features that you’ll discover after hours of gameplay. You also need to progress through various skill levels collecting magic weapons and more.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This game has a pretty easy learning curve, which is great for a fantasy game. It’s also fast-paced but has basic rules in place. There are a ton of bonuses too, as well as a great look visually.