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expected leaks of the GTA 6 map

expected leaks of the GTA 6 map
expected leaks of the GTA 6 map

With expected leaks of the GTA 6 map. It may be interesting for you because it is close to being released at the end of 2025. The rumors about the GTA 6 universe are about the map and adding regions and modifying it. The leak also shows an expansion of the map for Grand 6, which will make it larger than its predecessor.

The biggest GTA 6 map leak was revealed by YouTuber @TREVORTRAILER. In this leak, which carries version 0.038, there are some modifications that were revealed by the leaker.

In the modifications, the FPL solar runway was moved to the north on the western port area (VC). And build some different bridges and roads in the south. Detailing touches were added to the G area, which was previously 16 thousand.

A new area was added on the coast bearing the name Port Gelhorn. Also, the leaks say that the airport and train station have been updated, and that an archipelago has been added to Quantum Bay.

Finally, the name of the island “Gator Key” was changed to Bird’s Key, meaning “bird’s key.”